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Friday, October 29, 2010

Life as a Student

QADIJAH's: Life as a Student

0530 : wake up, wake up 0_-
0730 : break-fast (wat a gud name)
0850 : quizzes are waiting~
1400 : quick presentation will do ^-^
1700 : Let's swimming (the best ever!)
2000: dinner tym (hehehe~)
0000: Time to bed -_-

Being a student is the greatest thing ever happens in our life! We dunt have to think about taxes, payments, loan, and sorts of. But, we always moaning to ourselves how hard for us to get through all the quizzes, exams and presentations. How unlucky we all are to have those kind of subjects. The 'ragam' of our lecturers when we asked for additional marks. Club meetings that we have to attend. SIGH~
Come on, admit it! How many times have u reminiscing those past years in high schools with ur colleagues? All the bittersweet when we break the rules? Plenty! It is a part of life cycle, if u noe wat I am saying. We tend to look at the past instead of present.
Actually, what I wanted to say is.... ENJOY YOUR LIFE AS MUCH AS U CAN NOW, STUDENTS!

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