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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today is the first day for Aerocarnival '10 organized by UniKL MIAT. One word describes the whole event; DULL. Seriously, no joke. It is not the first time they organize it, though... That is the saddest thing. Compare to the previous years, it was such a happening! With all the helis and joyride, plus the excitement is not there today. Even I invited my whole relatives to come past years, without miss!
With no helis (which is the main attraction to this event), the aircrafts towed out from hangar, plus the restriction of the available aircraft inside hangar, giving the visitors the-very-limitation to snap pics. SIGH~ Ooops...! Forgotten.. Even the workshops are not open for displays! What?!
It's quite sad for me to have this kind of situation of the event on the very last year of me study in MIAT.

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