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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Haha! At last! It's our final viva for our Final Year Project. Which with a good news of.... tiny little correction to be made (Alhamdulillah). Well, to have an unknown panel to assess you might give you heartbumps (Really~). To get the report done was one great battle, because all the results we gathered (my partner & I) had been overlapped, and we had (actually our supervisor since he was the only one who's having the software) to wait for 2 days to extracted it back~ Fyuh~
To be in the room is one big thing. But to choose one perfect and suitable outfit was really giving me headache @-@ The reason is because, I wear juz watever I like, and to 'implement' it for viva's situation, was so not right..:: Agreed?

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