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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Books Week

Yeay!! It's final! During this study week, well guess what, we done what we were supposed to do it during earlier year of study here... Cycling in Botani Park! We never have been to this place until recently, since we had nothing to do, and shortage of money (pfft~). The park is so refreshing, and the admission is free! That's the best part of it. So, we packed up some things (me, I'm very glad that my aunt let me to use her camera until I finish my exam here), get prepared both mental and physical, and drove out to Putrajaya. Well, the queue for the bicycle rental was so long, and only one ahead of us, the bicycles were out. So we had to wait for another an hour to get it (if lucky). To kill the time, we wandered around (by using our both legs) the park and captured some great moments (grin~). An hour later, we went up to the registration counter, again, to make the reservation. With the long line. But finally, we made it (Yeay!!).

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